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About Us

Born from the association of several enthusiastic groups of students about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies, we want to bring together students from all fields and curious of all kind to share and build, participating in the evolution of the ecosystem. More


We share learning resources and knowledge about these technologies


With people bringing diverse knowledge and skills, we want to help project construction and the development of these technologies and their applications

organize events

We aim to develop the community while meeting and organizing events

Benefit from the knowledge and skills of the community


Get automatically the latest news about the ecosystem


Join several developers to build on the blockchain

Trading and Investment strategies

Share investment strategies, charts and trading views

Learning resources

Obtain learning content, take advantage of the community to answer your questions


According to Wikipedia, the blockchain “is a distributed database that is transparent, secure, and operates without a central control organ”. This revolutionary technology surfaced at the end of 2008 with the creation of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency on the market today.

Distributed shared ledger

Decentralized applications

Secured by cryptography and consensus algorithms

Who are we ?

Gaspard Peduzzi
Founding President
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Pierre Schutz
Vice-President & Treasury
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Stanislas Gal
Vice-President & Public relations
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Yann Yasser Haddad
Editor & Medias
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Jean Chambras
Medias & Design/Branding
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Arthur Beatens
Consultant & Editor
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Julien Malka
Event coordinator / Newsletter
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Matas Pocevicius
ETHZ Ambassador
Terence La
HSG Ambassador

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We write about news, events and we share lectures about the technology

Questions & answers

Click on the Join us button in the landing page.We will ask you a few questions before inviting you to our slack. Feel free to contact us at contact@blockchainsociety.ch or by completing the contact form above.

Newcomers into Blockchain are welcome to join us. We got a beginner’s channel for the learning resources

Members of the community will be notified when an event is organized. If you have a projects or ideas feel free to address it. We look forward to work together.


Blockchain Society is a nonprofit association. Your donations help the development of the initiative. Do not hesitate to contact us at contact@blockchainsociety.ch to add a payment method.

Lausanne, Switzerland